Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greetings from St. George, UT

Hello all!! I have just a few minutes to update what has been going on here with us Doans. We have successfully moved to St. George with the help of some of our family. It was so nice to have them come and help us get settled because they did a lot of unpacking for us. So when they left I almost didn't know what to do. Almost. I decided to enjoy the weather here. It hasn't snowed once in the two weeks we have been here. Just a bunch of rain. We have gone to our new ward here and we think we are going to love it. Such nice people! Talon and even Charlie seem to really like it here. We feel so happy to be all back together and in our house. When I get a little more time I will post some fun pictures of what we have been up to here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The reason for this post is so that when I am having a bad day in the future I can look back and realize that maybe it's not so bad after all. My day on Thursday consisted of this:
Thursday morning I received an email from our mortgage lender basically telling me that the bank had a change of plans and they were pulling out of the deal on our house that we were supposed to close on in a weeks time or less. To say that I was shocked and absolutely devastated is an understatement. To put this into perspective a little bit, we have been working on this since the beginning of October. We moved in with my mom and at the beginning of December, Josh had to go to St. George for work. So we have not been together since the beginning of December. I had put so many hours into the paperwork and documents we needed to send to them only to find out we are not getting the house after all?!?!
I put myself together enough to realize that we needed a Plan B and quickly. So without a lot of thought I put together a bag for Talon and I and we headed down to St. George. We had a pleasant drive......until I was getting ready to turn into the parking lot of my destination. I was in the left hand turn lane and was waiting for traffic to clear when I was suddenly hit by another car from behind. That's right!! A car accident. Luckily everybody was fine but it was enough to make it so both cars were not drivable. When I finally got done with the police reports and such I wanted to do nothing but go back to the hotel and have a little dinner and go to bed.

This was the car of the girl that hit me.
This is the back of the Jeep. You can't see it very well but the gas tank and the tow hitch was all just hanging down practically ready to fall off.

I sent Josh out to get me some tacos and he comes back with the WRONG ones. It was the cherry on top of my day. I even ventured back out to try to get the right ones and came back and they were still wrong. This is about the point I was done trying. Now the taco thing really not a big deal but I thought I would throw it in just to really prove that my day was not meant to be a good one. So that was my horrible awful day!

On a bit of a better note we did find a place to rent down there and we should be able to move in next week sometime. So we will be back together but not in the house we have been dreaming about. I do know that everything happens for a reason and I am grateful that we are being watched out for. There were a lot of things that went wrong that day but there were still many things to be grateful for. The main one for me was that Talon was not hurt in the car accident. So now at this point we live and we learn. Can't wait to share our new place and our new adventures with you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Time to Catch Things Up

First of all let me just put a warning up, this is a long post with a lot of pictures!! We have been very busy with the holiday's. We did so many fun things to get ready for Christmas and my favorite was probably going to see the lights at Temple Square with our little family. Talon was so eager and excited to be there and we got outside and it was so cold but bless his heart he was still so good! It was so beautiful there and really helped me feel the spirit of Christmas.

Next we had Christmas Eve festivities with my mom and sisters and their families. We had a delicious dinner of roast and potatoes and the works. We opened gifts from each other and my mom and we had a fabulous time. Josh and I got stuff to finally start a 72 hour kit (better late than never) and I got a zebra purse with some Dancing Waters lotion and body spray. It was a fun night with great company.

Obviously next up was Christmas Day. It was so fun for me to wake up and be at my mom's house still. It reminded me of times growing up. This was Talon's first Christmas and I had so much fun putting that together for him. I can't wait for next year when he will know a little bit more about what is going on. It was a good year for us. Josh got me a new Digital Camera that is hot pink that I am still trying to learn how to use but I still love it. We had our usual Christmas breakfast of crepes and then went over to my grandma's house for some good company and food. I really loved Christmas this year for Talon and because I was able to really feel the spirit of Christmas and that is really what it is all about.

And last but not least we come to our New Years Eve celebrations. This year has been one of the most fun years to celebrate. It was me and all my sisters and families and we even had my little sisters boyfriend here to help celebrate. We had more food than we even knew what to do with and played Wii and Curses. We laughed all night long and ate until we wanted to throw up. Such fun times. Thanks for all who helped bring in the new year.

Just a few quick updates. We should be closing on our house and moving in within a week to a week and a half. This has been a very long process and we are so excited to move in to a house. Talon is getting bigger by the second. He is so quick crawling and can't wait to walk. He is pulling himself up on everything. He talks to me all the time and only has 3 words I understand. Mom, Dada, and Ba Ba.
Whew!! Long post! I hope everyone else had great holiday's and Happy New Year everyone.