Monday, October 26, 2009

Attempted Photo Shoot

I am finally getting caught up on some of my slacking blogging. Hopefully I will be able to stay caught up this time.
Last week, my sister and I ventured out and decided to try and take our own pictures of our babies instead of paying a hefty price to have someone else do it. Well now I know why people will pay the high prices for good pictures. It is so hard to get a good picture of babies. We tried and tried and got a few good ones but nothing that was super exciting. So if any of you know a good photographer for a decent price I would love to get their info! If nothing else we had some fun trying to get them to look at the camera and smile.

BYU Homecoming Game

This last Saturday, we took Talon to his first BYU football game! And as you can tell by the pictures he LOVED it!! Well for the most part. I had a decent time until TCU really started stomping on BYU. It was a little bit of a heartbreaking game but I am so glad that we had the opportunity to go. I look forward to going to at least one game every year! And even though BYU lost miserably, I still love them! Go Cougars!!

Annual Halloween Party

Many people probably know that Halloween is one of my favorite holiday's. One of the things I anticipate the most is our family annual Halloween party that Allie throws every year. This year we had it a little early (17th) but she did such a fantastic job and it was so much fun. We ate some delicious homemade pizza's and we decorated our own little pumpkins, and we also did the traditional trick or treating to different doors in the house. For our theme on our costumes this year we went with Monsters. Josh was Cookie Monster, I was the purple people eater, Talon was a 3-eyed monster, and we even got Charlie to be Frankenstein. Putting together costumes is always so much fun for me so I am already searching for ideas for next year. Everybody else gets so creative with their costumes that seeing them is half the fun of the party for me. We can't wait for actual Halloween to come to, Talon gets to go do a little bit of Trick-Or-Treating for the first time!

The Jungle Family (I helped sew their costumes, YAY )

Mom is a skunk and of course the Rag Doll

Madison the genie and Marli Ariel

Becky the Rag Doll

Monday, October 19, 2009

Where have we been??

Wow have we been busy or what?!?! We have been back and forth from St. George 3 times in the last month trying to get a house in place to live in. With that, we have been trying to also move out of our condo in Lehi. So now we are moved out and we put an offer on an awesome townhouse in St. George. We are currently living with my mom until the townhouse is ready for us to move into. Or at least we hope that the offer is accepted for us on the townhouse! Time has flown by for us with all of this going on. In other exciting things going on in our lives, Talon is now 6 months old. He is getting more fun every day. If I knew that every one of my babies were as good as he is, I think I would have a dozen kids. He is just a lot of fun!! We are anxiously getting ready for Halloween. One of our favorite times of the year. So that is what is going on in the Doan world for us. Pictures to come very soon of some of our exciting adventures.