Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am going to start off by saying that the motto that I have chosen for Talon in life is: He definitely always knows what he wants! That applies for everything. Lately he has decided that he doesn't like to sleep in his bed at night and only mine will do and he would probably scream and throw a fit the whole night unless he gets what he wants. Same goes for just about everything else in his life. From the movie we pick to watch to what he eats. Last night however I did find something he very much likes to eat! Fettucine.

Needless to say it was definitely off to the bath after this. But it was worth it. He loved it.

Even though the cougars lost he still proudly sport his cougar gear.

Visisting Santa is not one of those things that Talon wanted to do. So he was that boy that cried for Santa while his mom was trying to snap pictures and making her boy suffer for that photo. Santa looks so baffled and confused in this picture.

Something else Talon does that I find absolutely adorable is he will line up his toy cars in a long row and say choo choo. The cars have to be all facing the same way and in a straight row. A little OCD. This started a few months ago and has turned into not just his cars but several other things. Like canned goods from my pantry and bath soaps and just about anything that there are multiples of.

Oh I love this boy and all of his many different personality traits. Can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeves.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Wedding and Halloween

At the end of October we took a trip to Salt Lake for a wedding and some fun Halloween celebrations. We had our customary family Halloween party that turned out to be so much fun. Talon this year went as a baseball player and I think he was darling. We also took him trick-or-treating with his cousin Zack and the two of them had such a great time. The rain didn't slow them down one bit. They got a lot of candy and Talon still likes to trick-or-treat around the house. We also went to a wedding for my cousin and the Talon and his cousin Zack were having so much fun just running around and dancing. Zack has picked up this darling "break dancing" that he kept busting out and Talon thought that looked pretty cool so he was doing his own version of this. Needless to say they were entertainment for a crowd there. We had so much fun on our trip and loved the much needed getaway. Now I am ready for another one this time maybe farther away and a little tropical with just the girls. Who is joining me???