Thursday, February 18, 2010

January and half of February 2010

Well time flies when you are having fun! We are now settled in our new place in St. George and I love it here. I feel right at home and it really helps that there is no snow and the weather is so nice. We have been just working hard on getting settled, we love our new ward and have already made some great friends. Josh is playing Basketball with the guys and I am going to a play group with ladies in the ward. This last weekend some of my family came for a visit due to the Presidents Day holiday. We had a blast as usual. Some of the things we enjoyed doing were: Parade of Homes, going to the park, Girls Night, games, games, and more games!! Time flew by and they are gone already. I am looking forward to seeing all my family next month when we come for a visit. Now that I have my camera cord situation figured out I should be able to post pictures more often of all you fans of my baby boy, because lets face it that is really what the pictures are of. Speaking of Talon, he is turned into quite the charmer and a troublemaker. He knows how to work mom and dad to get what he wants. He is also finally getting some teeth. He decided to get 4 at once, two on the bottom and two on top. It is adorable! Anyway, I hope you had a great January and half of February!

Is that a bracelet in your ear??

Talon loves the park and cannot get enough of it.

I had to get a pic of the cousins in the bath. SO CUTE

He has turned into a full blown troublemaker

Who can resist this cute little smiling face??