Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tis The Season

I love baseball season! I just can't think of anything much better than a summer night spent at a baseball game. Right now though I can think of one thing better........spending the night at a baseball game and meeting a super cute celebrity! I met James Denton from Desperate Housewives, he plays Mike Delfino. It was a pretty great night.

Talon loved the game. He kept trying to climb the fence so he could get a better view. He must get my love for this game. And the best part of this all is the tickets were super cheap. We all got in for $6. We will most definitely be doing this more often.

This was the first pitch of the game thrown by James

Talon wasn't so sure about the mascot

I realize I look awful in this picture but I only posted this as proof and I am hoping people aren't even looking at me!

Tell me this isn't the cutest thing ever!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Good News and even Better News!!

Well good things are happening for us lately. Josh just got a new job doing Web Design and he loves it. That has been a blessing for us. But I have some good news! Talon is finally walking!! It is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I know with walking comes a whole new terror phase, but bring it on! His whole face lights up when he knows that he just walked from mom to dad and then to mom again. Love that boy!

And in even better news.......we won $2500 to put towards a trip of our choice from Applebees. I have NEVER won a thing before in my life so this was quite a shock to me. So we are so excited to take a dream vacation soon. I would love some suggestions as to where we should go because I have not traveled much. I am thinking something tropical so suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Many Faces of Talon

One of the things I love most about Talon is that he is very expressive. He doesn't leave a lot of room for question about how he feels about something. I have tried to capture some of his many faces. There are just too many to get but I feel like this gives a good idea.