Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Blog

We have moved! Check us out at a new location.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well the time has come in my life to make some changes. The first of these changes for me is to get a new job! My last day at my current job is this Saturday. I will be now working at a bank full time and I think this change is going to be fantastic!! My new job will allow for me to be around people more and my days will be much busier now. This job however will put me without internet for awhile so probably no new posts from me for a bit.
Other changes for me include: a calling in the nursery, getting cable TV, getting healthier, and a few other little things. Life changes are in the works for me this year. I use to run from change but this year I am welcoming it. Needless to say life is good and life is very busy!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas and a New Year

Well another year has come and gone again! We had such a great holiday season this year. On Christmas Eve we went bowling and had some good food then went and saw some lights around town. That was a lot of fun for me (even if I lost in bowling). Then Christmas morning was so much fun!! Talon really loved opening his presents and playing with all of his new toys. Then we had some carmel french toast that I made. Yum!! The rest of our Christmas day we spent relaxing and playing with our new toys. So nice to have such a relaxing day for a change.
New Years was spent in Salt Lake with family and friends. This was not my best trip there. It was cold and snowy and most of us that went ended up sick for half the time we were there so we weren't able to enjoy our festivities as we wanted to. I rang in the New Years by going to bed with Talon at 10:30! But I still managed to sneak in a little shopping and good times while we were there. Now onto 2011 and making it a better year than last year!