Thursday, February 21, 2008

We got such a wonderful surprised on Tuesday morning. Jenny came in to town and told us she was going to stay here for a few days. Josh wasn't home when she came because he was at work so we didn't say anything to him and when he walked into the office he was completely shocked and surprised. This was his initial reaction. It's a bit blurry but still you get the idea. It was so much fun.
This was after it finally sunk in that she was really there and he got the story of why she was here. She came to get some geneology in. We have had so much fun with her here. I am not sure if we are going to let her go home.

St. George Parade of Homes

We went to the Parade of Homes in St. George over President's Day Weekend. These are just some of my favorite pictures from them. This first picture was a tanning bed in a house. I couldn't believe it.
This was a bowling alley/arcade in this home. It is really crazy what people are putting in their houses now. We saw a house that has a secret passage way from the bedroom that led out to the hot tub and pool. I think that was our favorite house.
This is just a picture of the girls on the trip. I love St. George. It is so pretty there and it was so much warmer. It made it so hard to come back to the gross snow and gray skies. We had such a great time though.
Josh's favorite feature in every home was the pool. It was always the first thing he looked at. This one was one of his favorites. (Isn't he so cute?)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A couple of weekends ago Josh and I had Madison sleep over at our house and I was painting her toenails and she just so badly wanted to paint Josh's too so being the good sport that he is, he let us paint his toes. Well we figured why stop at just painting his toes? So we put makeup on him and did his hair and finished it off with one of my dresses. Doesn't he look so pretty?
Josh's only comment about it was: This is why I want to have boys first.