Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We went to a really fun restraunt called T-Rex. It was such a fun atmosphere. We got this amazing dessert that had brownies and ice cream on the corners and then in the middle there was a "volcano" shooting out steam from dry ice. We were all very entertained by that. And the food was excellent to top it off.

This was my first experience with an ice storm and I actually quite enjoyed it. It was very pretty but also very dangerous. It delayed our trip an extra day but we didn't mind at all we enjoyed our time there very much and wished we could of stayed longer.

Josh was so excited when he got his first set of tools from his dad for his birthday! Not to mention the sugar daddy apron he got too. Maybe I can convince him to cook for me now........who am I kidding really?

Josh and I layed down to take a quick nap on one of our days in Missouri and before we knew it Katie and Hannah came to join us, we loved it! They are so adorable

Monday, December 3, 2007

Well the snowboarding season is here and today is Josh's first time going for the season. He is so excited. He is heading to Snowbird with a friend from work. Let's hope for no injuries.

This picture is of my niece, Madison, holding our puppy P.J. He is as big as she is and she just absolutely loves him. She loves to boss him around and in turn he loves to jump on her and follow her around.

P.J just absolutely loves the snow. He loves to play in it and when he runs through it, it is hilarious because he looks like a little bunny rabbit trying to run. I am going to miss this little guy when he leaves. We sold him and he is leaving on the 16th. Hopefully he will go to a nice couple.

I know this picture is a little bit late, it's from our Honeymoon. We went to Disneyland and had so much fun!! I chose this picture becuase it was Josh's favorite. He was so excited he got to meet Mickey Mouse. He was like a little boy seeing him for the first time.