Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cabo Trip

Cabo was so amazing!! We were so glad that we picked to come here for our trip and to enjoy an all inclusive resort for a full week. Child free! By the way a HUGE thanks to my mom and sister for watching Talon for us. On our trip we enjoyed hanging out by the pools and the ocean, going into Cabo San Lucas and waverunning and shopping, taking a beach hopping tour and going snorkeling, more shopping, meeting new people, watching shows, and soooo much more!! My top three favorite things were: going snorkeling, we saw dolphins and a lot of really cool fish. Visiting the flea market and doing shopping there. You could really barter what price you wanted to pay so we ended up getting some great deals on a lot of things. The food and drinks were another favorite of mine. Since all the food and drinks were included with our stay we definitely enjoyed our share. We tried a lot of new foods and enjoyed all the free drinks (virgin, of course) we wanted! Josh's three favorite things were: waverunning. He loved watching me and how much fun I was having and he loved it because it reminded him of riding a motorcycle on water. He liked the night shows the hotel offered. They put on a singing dancing show and they were fun entertainment. His third favorite was that we got to celebrate a Mexican holiday while we were there. It was their independence day so the day was full of activities and food and games. One of both of our favorite things was the last night we were there we took a walk on the beach and saw a giant sea turtle sitting right there on the beach. It was so cool!! There were so many wonderful memories made here and I miss everything about it. We would love to come back here someday and would recommend this kind of trip to anybody looking to relax and have a fun time!!!

This was the view from our room

This is the view from one of the 6 restraunts at the hotel

This kind of thing was pretty common there

This family played and sang and danced in the middle of the shopping center.

Inside one of the flea markets

A mariachi band walked around playing at the hotel on Independence Day

This donkey wearing a sombrero was another part of the holiday festivities.

This was right before our snorkeling adventures.

The ever famous arch at Cabo.

This is a colony of sea otters that just chill here all day

Josh loved playing in the ocean. I loved to watch him. The ocean was a little rough here for me.

This is the sea turtle that was outside our hotel by the beach.

An amazing sunrise on our last day there.

***Since we have been home there has been nothing but craziness for a week straight. Talon had surgery on his belly button hernia. The surgery went very well and he is healing up just great. We have all taken a turn getting the flu which has been no fun! So now I am looking forward to getting back to normal life again.


Corey said...

I am so glad that you posted a new post! i am also so super glad that you had a ton of fun in cabo! i am so jealous! i need to come visit soon :) and you guys need to come to the show soon! anyway, glad that you are all doing well, and that talon is healing up well :) what a cute kid...he was in my dream last night too! i was playing with a fire-truck with him! fun!

Brytani said...

I am so glad you are back and feeling better! We are all settled in and I am ready to hang out with you Dearie :) When we went to Turks and Caicos it was an all inclusive resort too and I LOVED IT. It's so awesome to be that spoiled :)

Allie, Jared, and Zack said...

So fun! Now onto planning a 'family' trip there (no kids though, right?!)!! Yay for a good time for you guys.

The Stone's said...

Oh Amanda, I'm so jealous!!!! What a fun trip! That view is so beautiful! And I think coming home and recovering from a trip is hard anyway, not to mention getting the flu! Yuck! Glad you're feeling better!

Heather said...

The trip looked like it was to die for! I love vacations, not to mention one that luxurious! I had no idea that Talon had surgery! (should have read your blog sooner ha) and that you were sick. Explains why I haven't heard from you:) I hope all is well. Sure miss ya! Give me a call when you and Talon feel up for a play date! Loves!