Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is Christmas morning for us. Josh got some fun toys and gadgets and he is seriously just like a little boy. It was so much fun for me to be with him for Christmas. He was so excited he woke me up at 3 am to ask me if Santa came and if it was time to get up. I am not much of a morning person so I of course told him no and to go back to sleep. He woke me up again at about 6:30 and I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep after that so we woke up and opened our stockings and presents. After he made me Swedish pancakes. They were delicious.


Seth, Sarah and the kids said...

Spoiled little boy, is more like it!!:) hahahaha!! I am gald you guys are so happy! 3am!??!?! Is he JUST crazy!!! My kids sleep till 7am! I guess I am just lucky!:)

Jenny Doan said...

Just like his Momma! I was always the first one up...not so much any more! I am so glad you guys have such fun and thank you for blogging!